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Why Did God Create Mankind on Earth?

A very common question that comes in the mind of a non-Muslim or even a Muslim is as to why God created mankind on Earth?

God has explained the answer to this “Why”. In His Book; The Quran, the purpose of creation of human beings in this world is “To Test”, to test the faith of a person. The test serves two basic purposes:

  1. Human spiritual growth
  2. Punishment and reward

These worldly tests are basically for the spiritual growth of human beings. Generosity and contentment are the noble characteristics which can be acquired by the spiritual struggle.

Envy develops when the craving of wealth increases, therefore be grateful to God and always look upon those who are less fortunate. To eradicate this negative characteristic (envy) is also a part of spiritual growth. Envy and contentment are the inverses of each other. As contentment increases envy decreases.

However, contentment does not mean to stop struggling in achieving one’s goal, while seeking aid from and trusting God.

Tests and calamities help to increase the spiritual growth of the believers. This is that foundation on which the high spiritual quality of patience is developed. True patience is the product of complete trust in God at the time of calamity. God creates trials for each person according to their abilities, in order to bring out the best in them.

Sometimes human beings despair when a test befalls them and they lose their faith. Only disbelieving people despair from Gods’ mercy.

Hope in the mercy of God is an essential part of faith. Those who patiently strive to do what is right and steadfastly obey God, for them is the promised reward and eternal ease.

When God wants to guide someone to the right path; He sends trials towards him as reminders. Those who still have faith recognize their error and return to their Lord in humility and submission. They are the successful ones.

These trials also expose the hypocrites. These tests become a means of punishment for those who totally reject the divine guidance and wisdom. We have examples of the past nations who rejected the divine guidance and were subsequently destroyed.

Persistent disobedience leads to God’s punishments. These punishments are of different levels: on an individual level as well as on a national level.

God says in the Quran chapter 18, verse 7:

“Surely, I have created all that is on earth as its ornaments that I may test which of them is the best in conduct.”

Therefore, the purpose of creating mankind has been made clear by God.