I am not one of those people who can sit for long hours and read. Yet, this book by Dr. Bilal was so concise that I was able to read it in a very short time. It actually cleared my doubts that most people have about our Purpose of Creation. The question why am I here in this world and what is my Purpose to serve my Lord? Now, I feel satisfied and I urge others to please go through this book to have an enlightened experience of their sole purpose to be a part of the human race and their very own existence.

Tazeen Ahmad

As a teenager, most of the time I lost my vision on life by the distractions and the chaos of the society and even started doubting my own self and my own religion. But this book not only changed me but saved me, as it makes sense about the real purpose of life. So now I can proudly say I know how to live with a true purpose - for the only Creator - with all my adventures and squad goals on.
So I strongly suggest you all especially youth to give it a try to know your selves better because your life is your message to the world. So make sure it’s real and inspiring.

Mariam Sabir

I used to love reading; used to because with the advent of the media and internet I guess most young book readers were affected adversely. With the vain, sensational, materialist and unrealistic ideas projected on the media , It left me confused and left me with a lot of challenging questions which were not being answered by anyone!
I came across this book, 'The Purpose of Creation' and after a long time I wanted to read , read and read more. It came like a breath of fresh air to a stale spiritual void within which was consumed largely by books of university education which failed to cater to all the deeper and important questions in life.
The book taught me many core lessons on life and it kept me going back to the book again and again; to regain a healthy and well informed position on all matters in life. It really helped me re prioritise my thoughts, my goals and the intentions behind them to achieve those goals.
It takes you on a thought provoking journey of self awareness, awareness of the world around us, how to look at the world and its strange events and matters which we may or may not have a control of. To know the Creator and the purpose of creation is a very important step in the discovery of self, without which one can lead a very empty and aimless life.
We all come to a point in our lives when we want to contribute more to this world than being just a consumer and we all search for a higher meaning and purpose in life. I'm so happy to have found this book which came at a right time to guide my soul and my efforts in the right direction motivating me to do my best and not get discouraged by difficulties which can actually help shape my strengths immensely and make me a better person for the society.

Dr. Shaza Khan

The book “Purpose of Creation” written by Dr. Abu Aminah Bilal Phillips is one of the best books on this topic. The selected topic by the writer is a dire need of the present time.
The time in which we are living is the time of science and technology. The world is dependent on inventions. The frame of mind is based more on logic rather than finding the truth. The man has become highly materialistic in this fast moving world.
The book is an eye opener. It helps to establish the relationship between God and humankind.
I, even being a Muslim, when found this book and read it many times, my concepts got a clear image about life. I also had many questions in my mind about the purpose of life and Alhamdullilah, got the answers from the book.
When I read the book, at many places, I got surprised to know the actual purpose e.g about trials and test, and that it is God’s love for human beings to increase their spirituality or make them a better human being.
It also clarified that God has created this world as a provision for the human being, and human beings are created to worship God only.
The poet of the east Dr. Mahammaad Iqbal said,
You are neither for the earth nor for the heaven:
The world is for you, and not you for the world.

Rubina Sajid

This book answers all the questions that arise in a person’s mind regarding:
• as to why God created anything in the first place;
• it discusses elaborately the purpose of creating human beings;
• thirdly, the significance of creating the whole world (plants, animals etc.) around us
It has cleared my concepts about life and helped me set my goals and priorities in order.
I love the systematic approach of this book in dealing with the subject with authentic references from Quran and Hadith to support the discussion.
I believe this book is a must read and will clear a lot of misconceptions and myths about “The Purpose of Our Life”, and only then we can do efforts in the right direction in order to achieve the best in this world and the Hereafter.

Dr. Saima Shoaib

Alhamdulillah really enjoyed reading the book. This book answers all doubts and queries that come to mind on this topic. So comprehensive.
What I found really beneficial in the book is how amazingly it describes the comparison between Islam and other religions about the concept of creation.
Also, the understanding of man's power of doing good by following messengers of Allah and making his way to paradise or rebelling against it, following one's desires and leading oneself to hell is very nicely explained.
The clarification on the purpose for creating humans to worship Allah alone, by basically submitting ourselves to Allah because we are in need of Him and not because He is in need of us, was crucial and highlighted very well.
What really resonated with me personally was the reminder that Allah tests us for spiritual growth and that trusting Allah in every affair of life is mandatory for one's own utter benefit in this world as well as for the eternal. A way to attaining peace in both places.

Aniqa Javed

This book not only addresses the purpose of creation of mankind but also of this universe. It made me ponder over my life's purpose and whether am I living according to it or not. At this time of confusion and chaos not only Non-Muslims come up with questions regarding Creator but sadly Muslims are also confused in one way or the other. I would suggest this book to all the Muslims especially youth to go through it once it’s written in such a concise manner that it is self-explanatory.

Afshan Iqbal

The book entitled "The Purpose of Creation" written by Dr. Bilal Philips is part of these necessary books, which deals with a fundamental question of mankind. Indeed, there is no one who never asked once in their life: What is our goal on this Earth? What is the origin of our Universe? Or why have religions always evoked the creation? The author illustrates his work with sources from the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be on him). Indeed, the Holy Qur'an is the only book endowed with such precision on the subject, which guides mankind to a luminous knowledge. All the prophets have been sent to inform mankind to follow the right path, by the grace of God. In reality, man cannot find inner peace and happiness in this ephemeral life, by living in obscurity.
Like an adopted child who seeks out his biological parents, the human being will always be in search of his Creator. He cannot go against this feeling which dominates him. Everyone will find through this book answers to his questions, or simply a useful reminder.

Aisha Eva

As a mother of young children, I rarely read in the past decade. Then recently on some one's recommendation, I read this book. It’s such a gem and a very friendly book.
I think it is the ultimate book for any one from any background whether he is a student of school or university, whether working or not, whether believes in God or Not etc.
In a very clear and simple style, this book with authentic references brought me unimaginable peace.
It unlocks the answers for the deepest and toughest questions of life which otherwise remain a mystery for so many.
Some of the topics addressed among others are around following concepts or questions.
1. Why I am here in this world, in this era. Is it just a chance?
2. Am I just another body in this world? Or am I special?
3. Am I here to just have fun or work? 0r do I have a bigger purpose?
4. Why some of my joys are another person's sorrow?
5. Am I here to chase after the pleasures of the world which are so hard to achieve and seem so important to get to feel happy but lose their attraction in such a short time?
6. Is this world or universe a product of chance?
7. Why the good and bad is relative from person to person and from time to time,?
8. Who is the definer of good and bad?
9. Which human example to really follow? As they keep on changing.
10. Who can listen to my very personal struggles with complete understanding, privacy and without misjudging me?
11. Why on earth should I be good when I do not get good return often?
12. Why do I have to deal with such hard ships in life when some are enjoying it without deserving?
13. Why keep on living even if life is hard? When my life ends would it be all?
14. Why are some things out of my control and influence?
15. When would I feel content/ happy or peaceful?
16. Who would give me the fair trial for some wrong done to me when the world is not fair often?
17. Who can really acknowledge my efforts when the world keeps on giving the narrative “not good enough”. And answers to many more questions.
I would recommend this book to my children, family, and friends and would like to read it again whenever I need to re motivate myself on the progressive and peaceful route.

Dr. Romana Panni

Many people in life are searching for true happiness and peace, success and tranquility in their lives, in their actions or in whatever they do or wherever they go. Their eyes are searching for something that gives their life a meaning, a purpose to truly live not just exist or survive. Their hearts, minds, and souls are longing for something whom they can feel really belonged to, for whom sake they yearn to live and die for. To have love of someone that makes them feel alive and gives them the freedom and happiness they're truly craving for but they don't know exactly where they can find that.
You've come to the right place. As Dr. Bilal Philips in his Book “Purpose of Creation” has discussed those particular topics that highlight the main issues and concerns in our lives that hinder us from living a meaningful, purposeful and conscious life.
Please give it a try as it won't disappoint you, in fact, it'll rather give a purposeful and meaningful direction to your personal journey in this world from being lost to being truly guided in life!

Ayesha Shoukat

Dear readers, you have to the come right site and at the right time.
Are you a happy person? This book is for you.
Do you feel miserable in life? This book is for you.
Are you Buddhist or Hindu? This book is for you.
Are you Muslim or Christian? This book is for you.
Are you homosexual? This book is for you.
Are you rich & educated? This book is for you.
Are you poor or have less education? This book is for you.
Are you committed to great sins? This book is for you.
Are you doing everything right? This book is for you.
You all are created by one God Almighty. Do you know that?!!
Why associating partners with God is the greatest sin? Following my parent’s religion?
I was Buddhist non-practicing but I never did anything bad then why I must go to Hell I used to think?
Why? Why? What is my fault? Oh this book is for me too, I found out my answer.
Find out the answer to all your curious questions in this book. So, keep reading!!!

Maryam (Meiko) Yamaguchi

I am honored to read this book: “Purpose of Creation” written by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips. In China, many people live a life where they worship money instead of God and seek materialistic pleasures. Most of them never care about anything other than money. For sake of money, they can abandon their relatives and their own blood, do illegal things, women sell their flesh etc. Even Muslims, for sake of money, prefer to abandon God’s Commandments like worshiping God Alone, fasting, and busying themselves with worldly life’s work and pleasures. These kind of people are like slaves to money. They would never think about why they lived on the ground! What is the meaning of life?
While when I read this book, my concepts got a clear image about life. This book talks about the purpose of creation, that human should know why the God created them, and what’s the meaning of their life they’re living. The writer also gives us proofs from Quran and Hadith to make us clear about what is our duty towards God and to the all living things, and how can we live a sort of life that's meritorious in this world and the Hereafter.

Hallema MaLinxia