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Why did God create mankind?

Mankind, by his innate nature, is created for the sole purpose of worshipping God.God neither created human beings out of a need on His part nor would His glory be reduced if none of the humans worshipped Him. It is not the God’s need to be worshipped but the need of the mankind to worship Him.

Obeying the divine laws is the key to success, that’s why human beings need to worship and glorify God by obeying these laws and this is the only way for them to enter paradise. Disobeying the divine laws led to the expelling of Adam and Eve from paradise who was created in paradise.

God knows what is good for His creation and what is not. His divine laws define what is right and what is wrong. These laws protect the human from various spiritual or societal harms. Hence, human1q need to worship God to fulfill their potential by living the righteous lives.

Humans become so inclined towards fulfilling their materialistic needs that they often completely forget their spiritual needs. Hence, different acts of worship, as defined by the divine laws, are mapped out to help humans remember God.

Regular prayers connect spiritual needs with the material needs on a daily basis since they help in organizing the day of a true believer, hence, renewing man’s connection with God.Therefore, the divine laws encourage the balance in both material and spiritual aspects of life.

When God is forgotten, one becomes prone to committing sins. Satanic forces make people forget God by filling their minds with irrelevant thoughts and desires. Once God is forgotten, people accept corruption willingly.

God prohibited intoxicants and gambling through Divine laws because they cause human beings to forget God because addiction of drugs and game of chance lead humans to all forms of corruption and violence among themselves.

Therefore, humankind needs to remember God for their own salvation and growth. Since they are weak and commit sins, they sink deeper into it if they don’t have means of remembering God. Hence, those who follow the Divine laws are constantly reminded of God because of which they repent.

Islam is for all the mankind. God didn’t prescribe different religions for Jews, Indians, Europeans, etc. Since the spiritual and social needs of humans are uniform and their nature has not changed since the first man and woman were created, God only accepts Islam and no other religion.

In Islam, every act of human can be converted into an act of worship. God commands His believers to dedicate their entire lives to Him. But each act must fulfill two basis condition.

  1. The act must be done sincerely for the pleasure of God alone and not for recognition and praise of other people.
  2. The act must be done in accordance with the Prophetic way – also known as ‘Sunnah’ in Arabic. All the prophets guided their followers to follow in their footsteps since they were guided by God. Therefore, innovation is one of the worst evils in the Sight of God.

Greatest evil a human being can commit is when he contradicts the purpose of his creation. Worshipping or associating an entity other than God is called ‘shirk’ and it is the only unforgivable sin. If a person dies without repenting, God may forgive all his sins but shirk.

Loving those whom God loves is also an act of expressing the love of God since it is illogical to think that one hates those whom God loves or vice versa. God puts love in the hearts of the believers for those who are righteous.