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In this short presentation, Hamza Tzortzis explores the idea that ‘If Good and Evil Exist, Then God Must Exist’. He starts this lecture by establishing key principles in order for everyone – atheist, sceptic, and theist – to connect with one another. He asserts that to truly engage with each other we must all suspend or discard our emotional and intellectual baggage formed as a result of our limited perspectives and experiences. 

During the main part of the lecture, Hamza Tzortzis argues that if we believe that some good and evil are objective (meaning, that they are true regardless of personal opinion and consensus) then it necessitates God’s existence. This is because, as he argues, God is the only ontological foundation for objective good and evil.

Hamza Tzortzis addresses other potential alternatives such as biology, natural selection, social pressure and moral realism, and argues why they fail to provide an objective grounding for good and evil. Hamza responds to Euthyphro’s dilemma and other contentions. He also provides Islamic source text references to justify his points.


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